Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Round Calender

As many of the other Sim blog sites, I am playing my hood in rounds, which will equal one sim year. The round concept was first thought of and perfected by Laura of Lakeside Heights. I tweaked this concept to work for Chocolate City.

Round = 1 Sim Year
Seasons = Four Seasons in one round
Households are played for 2-3 Simdays


Baby - Played 2 Days 0-1 yrs
Toddler - Played 3 Days 2-4 yrs
Child - Played 7 Days 5-11 yrs
Teen - Played 7 Days 12-18 yrs
Young Adult - Played 4 Semesters 19-22 yrs
Adult after Uni - Played 37 Days 23-59 yrs
Adult (No Uni) - Played 41 Days 19-59 yrs

Here is a picture of my hood calendar to keep track of who needs to be played next. At the start of each round, I number all of the households and then using the RANDBETWEEN forumla in excel, I choose which families and Uni family will be played in the first season, and so on.

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