Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Round Calender

As many of the other Sim blog sites, I am playing my hood in rounds, which will equal one sim year. The round concept was first thought of and perfected by Laura of Lakeside Heights. I tweaked this concept to work for Chocolate City.

Round = 1 Sim Year
Seasons = Four Seasons in one round
Households are played for 2-3 Simdays


Baby - Played 2 Days 0-1 yrs
Toddler - Played 3 Days 2-4 yrs
Child - Played 7 Days 5-11 yrs
Teen - Played 7 Days 12-18 yrs
Young Adult - Played 4 Semesters 19-22 yrs
Adult after Uni - Played 37 Days 23-59 yrs
Adult (No Uni) - Played 41 Days 19-59 yrs

Here is a picture of my hood calendar to keep track of who needs to be played next. At the start of each round, I number all of the households and then using the RANDBETWEEN forumla in excel, I choose which families and Uni family will be played in the first season, and so on.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas everyone!

I am happy to say I have found an earlier version of my hood so stay tuned for some updates! Right now I have been playing around with Gimp to create banners and pics to upload to the blog.

If you are looking for some lovely custom content or friendly sims conversation, visit Athena's Sims 2/3 forum at

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday,

Chocolate City!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why I Started Over

Many of you know that my previous version of Chocolate City experienced many crashing issues. although I tried to continue to play through those, sometimes you have to just put it aside and move on. So I moved on, but I really wanted to keep my hood name, Chocolate City. I have had many other hood names before, but this one is very creative to me.  My husband actually came up with this neighborhood name for me back in 2007.

It has taken me a few months of research to really decide how I wanted to start over.  By research I mean reading other sim blogs and sim forum sites to gain insight into how others have created their hoods and stuck with them without boredom taking over. I am more of a reader than a blogger, but hopefully you will enjoy the sim stories I tell of what is happening in the new Chocolate City.